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How to build a service

Meilisearch is a fast and powerful open-source search engine that can deliver relevant search results in a matter of milliseconds. Since v0.18.0, wayback has been supports Meilisearch to store archived results for playback. The following data structure is used:

message Document {
    string Source = 1;
    string IA = 2;
    string IS = 3;
    string IP = 4;
    string PH = 5;

To install Meilisearch, you can follow the installation guide available on the official Meilisearch website:


After running Meilisearch, you will have the endpoint.

Next, place these keys in the environment or configuration file:

  • WAYBACK_MEILI_ENDPOINT: Meilisearch API endpoint.
  • WAYBACK_MEILI_INDEXING: Meilisearch indexing name, defaults to capsules (optional).
  • WAYBACK_MEILI_APIKEY: Meilisearch admin API key (optional).