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Wayback now supports playback from multiple archiving services. For IPFS and Telegraph, you will need to set up self-hosted services, which can be Meilisearch or GitHub Issues.

The following archiving services are currently supported for playback in wayback:

How to config a playback service

Place these keys in the environment or configuration file:

For Meilisearch (recommended):

  • PLAYBACK_MEILI_ENDPOINT: Meilisearch API endpoint.
  • PLAYBACK_MEILI_INDEXING: Meilisearch indexing name, defaults to capsules (optional).
  • PLAYBACK_MEILI_APIKEY: Meilisearch admin API key (optional).

For GitHub Issues:

  • PLAYBACK_GITHUB_REPO: GitHub repository to publish results.
  • PLAYBACK_GITHUB_PAT: GitHub Personal Access Token, which is used to reduce the rate limit for GitHub API requests. It requires the repo scope.

Playback Integrations

Playback is seamlessly integrated into Wayback to enhance the user experience. It currently supports playback from various platforms, including Discord, Mastodon, Matrix, Web, Slack, and Telegram.


  1. To playback archived content, visit either the Clear Web or Onion Service.
  2. Enter the URIs you want to play back. You can enter multiple URIs separated by commas or line breaks.
  3. Click the button in the bottom left corner and wait a few moments for the playback to begin.

Instant messaging tools

Instant messaging tools such as Discord, Matrix, Slack and Telegram all have a playback feature that can be accessed using the same command: /playback. Enter /playback and wait for the response.


To use Playback on Mastodon, send a message to the bot with the keyword /playback at the beginning and the URI you wish to playback. Then, wait a moment for the bot to respond.