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Troubleshooting is unavailable?

Sometimes enforces a strict CAPTCHA policy, which may cause a request exception. To solve this, you can manually bypass the CAPTCHA in your browser and retrieve the cf_clearance cookie item. Then, set this item as a system environment variable named ARCHIVE_COOKIE. For example, you can set the value of ARCHIVE_COOKIE as cf_clearance=ab170e4acc49bbnsaff8687212d2cdb987e5b798-1234542375-KDUKCHU.

Disable JavaScript for specific URIs when archiving with IPFS?

To disable JavaScript when saving a webpage, you can set environment variables DISABLEJS_URIS. The values should be in the following format:


This will disable JavaScript for the entire site or only for the path if it matches.

How can I keep the Tor Hidden Service hostname?

When running the wayback service for the first time, it is important to keep the private key from the output message (the key is the part after private key:). The next time you run the wayback service, you can use the key by providing it to the --tor-key option or setting it as the WAYBACK_ONION_PRIVKEY environment variable.

[INFO] Web: Important: remember to keep the private key: d005473a611d2b23e54d6446dfe209cb6c52ddd698818d1233b1d750f790445fcfb5ece556fe5ee3b4724ac6bea7431898ee788c6011febba7f779c85845ae87