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How to build a Slack App

Steps to create a new app:

  1. Open Slack API.
  2. Click "Create New App" and "From Scratch".
  3. Generate an App-Level Token with the connections:write scope.
  4. Enable Socket Mode.
  5. Enable Events
    • Subscribe to bot events: app_mention and
    • Subscribe to events on behalf of users:
  6. Setting OAuth & Permissions User Token Scopes: chat:write, files:write.
  7. Install the app to your workspace and obtain the Bot User OAuth Token.
  8. In the App Home section, check Allow users to send Slash commands and messages from the messages tab.
  9. Optionally, create a channel for publishing and note down the Channel ID by viewing the channel details.


After creating a new app, you will have the Bot User OAuth Token and Channel ID.

Next, place these keys in the environment or configuration file:

  • WAYBACK_SLACK_BOT_TOKEN: Bot User OAuth Token.
  • WAYBACK_SLACK_CHANNEL: Channel ID for publishing (optional).
  • WAYBACK_SLACK_HELPTEXT: Provide a help message for users to reference (optional).

Further reading