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Daemon Service


Wayback provides two configuration formats: environment variables and a configuration file, which use the same keys. The configuration file is in the INI file format and can be found at wayback.conf. The environment variables can be set with the prefix WAYBACK_ followed by the configuration key name.

For example, to serve both a Discord and a Telegram bot, you can run the command wayback -d discord -d telegram. The -d flag is followed by the name of the platform, which should be in lowercase.

To view additional information about the available CLI flags, run the command wayback --help.


Wayback can be integrated with various messaging platforms, including Discord, IRC, Mastodon, Matrix, Slack, Telegram, Twitter and Web, to function as a bot that responds to user queries.

For detailed instructions on how to create a bot for each platform, please refer to the links below:

Please note that you need to set up accounts on the respective platforms and obtain necessary credentials, such as access tokens, to use Wayback as a bot.


Wayback's integrated services provide the ability to publish archiving results to various messaging and collaboration platforms. The published results do not include any requester information to ensure privacy.

When you place the necessary configuration, the publish feature for that item will be automatically enabled.

For detailed instructions on how to configure the publishing channel, please refer to the links below:

Each platform has its own configuration requirements, so be sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure successful publishing of archiving results.