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Web Service

How to build a Web Service

Wayback supports serving both Clear Web and Onion Service. If the Tor binary is missing, the Onion Service feature will be ignored.


After installation, you need to provide the required keys by placing them in the environment or configuration file. This allows you to customize the configuration based on your needs.

  • WAYBACK_LISTEN_ADDR: The listen address for the HTTP server, defaults to
  • WAYBACK_ONION_PRIVKEY: The private key for Onion Service.
  • WAYBACK_ONION_LOCAL_PORT: Local port for Onion Service, also support for a reverse proxy. This is ignored if WAYBACK_LISTEN_ADDR is set.
  • WAYBACK_ONION_REMOTE_PORTS: Remote ports for Onion Service, e.g. WAYBACK_ONION_REMOTE_PORTS=80,81.

Note: To run a Onion Service for the first time, you need to keep the private key, which can be seen from the log output.